Our mission

At Campfire Labs we’re on a mission to tell stories that inspire. But we have a larger social mission that motivates us. Our goal is to build a company that makes the world measurably better. That’s why we’re building an employee-owned public benefit corporation (phew, that’s a mouthful). Below we’ve tried to describe our values and the impact we hope to make. 



Our Values

We’re committed to giving back

It’s become a cliche in business to publicly strive to make the world better. Most companies use lofty mission statements and corporate social responsibility as marketing and recruiting assets. When we say we want to make the world better, we mean it. 

We’re giving away 50% of our profits and equity — We see the money we earn as a way to fund ambitious projects that help the world’s poorest people out of poverty and prevent anthropogenic climate change. So far we’ve helped 15 people out of poverty. Read more about the code school for refugees we funded here

We’re funding award-winning journalism — Many of our writers are award-winning journalists. We aim to support them financially by giving them high-paying freelance projects and journalism grants. We’ve already funded a Pulitzer-prize winning NY Times journalist and plan to fund many more in the future. 

We’re building a Public Benefit Corporation — We believe that capitalism has a fatal bug in desperate need of an update. Starting a benefit corporation means that we have a legal obligation to serve our mission, not maximize shareholder value. 

We invest in our employees

We’re building a company where people can grow and do the best work of their career. We strive to create an environment where everyone on the team can learn new skills and reach their full potential.

We have a "growth mindset" — We’re building a team of people who want to grow everyday. We push each other to do our best work and constantly try to learn new skills.

We empower our employees with autonomy — One of the best ways to learn a skill is to try something ambitious, something that pushes you to your limits. That doesn’t happen in an environment of micromanagement. We believe in hiring smart people, creating alignment, and then giving them autonomy and freedom to try new things. 

We’re a team of entrepreneurs — We’d love to retain our employees for decades, but the reality is that most talented people want to be their own boss. We’re committed to supporting our employees in their work at Campfire Labs and beyond, whether it’s through training or giving some feedback (and maybe investing in your business). 

We help our employees build wealth

The best way to build substantial wealth is to own equity. As an employee-owned benefit corporation we believe it’s our responsibility to distribute equity and profits generously amongst our team. That means when we grow our bottom line as a company so do you as an individual.

We pay competitively — In order to surround ourselves with the smartest people in the world we offer competitive compensation packages to our employees.

We share profits with employees — We’re trying to grow this company to the moon, and we need all hands on deck. We believe the best way to do that is to align everyone’s incentives through a profit-sharing program. (And if you haven’t picked up on it yet, we believe it’s our responsibility to do so).

We give employees equity — Instead of filling up our cap table with investors, we’ve left room for a generous employee stock-option pool. That means if we ever sell the company or distribute dividends to shareholders, employees will reap the benefits.