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“Campfire Labs helped us create some of our best content to date. They helped us generate story ideas, interview people, and write stories that our customers loved.”

- Matt Sornson, Head of Growth, Clearbit

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We helped Clearbit create $30,000 in recurring revenue.

In 2016, Clearbit decided to produce an eBook unlike any other in the sales industry. Matt Sornson, the company’s Head of Growth, didn’t want to write the same boring content that competitors were known for. He wanted to create something his customers would love.

Clearbit is used by some of the world’s most innovative tech companies. That meant they had access to sales experts at HubSpot, Zendesk, and elsewhere. Matt’s idea was to interview these sales leaders about how they were using data to grow their businesses.

In January 2017, he approached us at Campfire Labs and asked for help. We worked closely with Clearbit to produce Data-Driven Sales, a wildly popular and successful 10-chapter eBook.


The eBook was one of the most popular pieces of content in the sales industry in 2017. It was read by tens of thousands of people, generated $30,000 per month in recurring revenue within the first six months, and won praise from industry leaders like Hiten Shah.

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“Every chapter shows exactly how a company overcame their challenges and tactical ways you can do the same. Most sales advice in SaaS is generic. This isn't.”

- Hiten Shah, Founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg


Every great idea needs a team to make it happen.

Campfire Labs writers helped Clearbit interview dozens of experts in the sales industry. Based on those interviews and extensive research, we wrote engaging stories that taught sales leaders how to use data to inform their strategy. Because our writers already had experience writing for the sales industry, Matt and Clearbit’s marketing team spent very little time editing.

“Working with Campfire Labs was a phenomenal experience,” he said.


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