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Christopher McCandless Is No Longer My Hero

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The Strategy SpaceX Will Use to Get to Mars

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How and Why Bill Gates Became a Philanthropist

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Her — Shaping Character Through Music

What role does music play in a movie? This was a question I was left asking after watching the movie Her recently. When I first saw Her 4 years ago I didn’t really think much about the music. If anything, I thought the reason I liked the score was simply because it was nice to listen to. But when I watched Her again recently I realized how important a role it plays in shaping the main character, Theodore, and moving the story forward. 

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Travel Writing

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24 Hours With The Homeless Scandinavian Who Has Visited Every Continent 

Strange memories from Berlin

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Traveler's Poker

A story about my unplanned trip to Japan

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South America Essays

Or, Trials of the Imported First World